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Who are we? 

STEVEN BARNES and TANANARIVE DUE are authors, screenwriters ("The Twilight Zone"), parents and collaborators who have been married for 23 years. When they met at a writers' conference in 1997, they recognized the potential for a lasting relationship right away -- and their instincts were right! But it didn't happen by accident: they had each done work to prepare to meet their soulmate. 


The "Soulmate Process" is a tested, proven system

It starts with self-love, then expands to attract, find, and hold the best relationship of your life.

ON SIGN UP you get your homework: the M.A.G.I.C. soulmate List

You will learn:

Week One: The story of one Soulmate relationship, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes.  Being the one you want.  The Morning Ritual: a ritual for One.

Week Two: The Soulmate Process.  How it was created, and its steps.  How to implement.  Dissect Steve and Tananarive's story: what lessons apply?

Week Three:  Checking in with the first three weeks' exercises. The "Beauty-Power Axis."

Week Four:  The "Green Light."  Finding your tribe. Marketing and "sales" in the world of relationships.

Week Five: "The Blessing Dance," a SECRET Sufi ritual for lasting passion and love.  It's MAGIC!


All of this and much, much more!   The investment is only $297 for a lifetime of change! You will receive your registration materials within 24 hours.  If you have any questions please write to: [email protected]


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Customer Testimonials

Linda, Judy, Tom and Scott share what The Soulmate Process means to them


"I went to Steve for help with writing science fiction. He was quick to recognize that I was missing out by not having anyone to share the journey with. Steve’s guidance, advice and support as I worked on healing the wounds of previous relationships made him the sort of relationship mentor that we all should have when we’re fifteen years old. Without him, I  would have missed out on the opportunity to meet Rhonda. The last TEN YEARS years with Rhonda have been an amazing experience with a very special lady, and I look forward to sharing many more years with her. Thank you, Steve."

--Scott Pohaku Vilhauer



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