The Warrior's Journey

A ten-day home study course designed to give YOU the clarity, purpose and courage of the advanced martial artist.


Because the real secrets of the arts are not technical...they are emotional and spiritual, a combination of animal survival drive and spiritual awareness that you have the right to be safe and joyful.

Imagine a mother protecting her child, the animal ferocity of her defense, her willingness to do ANYTHING to protect her rules, just total commitment.   THAT is your heritage. That is your path to safety. NO MUGGER WANTS TO DEAL WITH SOMEONE IN THAT HEAD SPACE.   You can walk life like a victim...or like an alive, awake, aware adult human being, ready to deal with what life brings.  This is the gift we offer.



Watch THIS video to learn how Black Belt Magazine Columnist  Steven Barnes learned to turn fear into power...and a technique that can change your life!

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If FEAR has ever stopped you from:


1) Walking the street with confidence

2) Following the career of your dreams

3) Finding the love and passion you deserve...



You may have thought that the ancient skills and secrets of the martial arts might set you free of the "fear trap".   But they can take DECADES to master, and even the physical technique does not guarantee the peace of mind, passion, and focus you need to succeed in other arenas.

If you have ever wanted the fabled combination of:





Ferocious self-defense

That martial arts practice...but trained for years and didn't get it...or didn't have the years to train...we have an illusion to puncture for you.


What you've sought is not about punching or kicking or grappling, but feeling SAFE in the world, and loving yourself enough to be willing to FIGHT for your own survival.

The truth is that the core of the martial arts is the attitude:  "I'm ready to die, and I'm ready to take you with me."  Don't believe me?   Think of someone threatening your child, your baby sister, some other helpless infant under your protection.   Really imagine that situation--and feel a rabid wolf appear from your heart, or the back of your mind. That part that doesn't care about social rules, and is committed to that child's all costs.



That's the secret.  PERMISSION to go all-out to defend yourself.  All of the skill in the world is useless without the permission to use it. And if you do have that permission?


--The inner secrets of self defense as taught by a 10th Degree black belt DAWN CALLAN, who has personally taught over TEN THOUSAND students to walk with confidence and courage.  Not physical technique, but the survival attitudes and clear perceptions that MAKE those techniques work.

--The hard-won secrets of the worlds greatest warriors and teachers, taught by  STEVEN BARNES, triple black belt, NY Times Bestselling author, master hypnotist and creator of the LIFEWRITING system of personal development

--How to access your innate, inborn survival drive through the power of the "Belly Brain"--the Warrior self

--How to face your fears, your "shadow" through the power of the "Heart Center"

--How to embrace and align with your ultimate purpose and values through the "Head Center"

--The meaning and implication of Dawn's saying:  "show me a woman defending her child: I"ll show you self defense!"  Once you understand this, you'll be a force to be reckoned with--even with no physical training!

--How connecting instinct and intuition not only releases your creativity, but multiplies your awareness 10X.

--Why your unalienable right to control your body space is critical.

--Why "martial arts training" is far more than punching, kicking and grappling...and what you REALLY need to be safe in the world. 


And so much more!  Fear limits our passion creativity and joy in life--and how to turn it into one of your super-powers!

Ten days of amazing lectures, study, visualizations, MP3s, a daily PDF journal and a social media group to help you turn fear into energy!


If fear, stress, anxiety or anger have ever held you back from living a full and vibrant life, THE WARRIOR'S JOURNEY is for you.  Just ten days from now, you'll enter a different life--or your money cheerfully refunded!


The Ancient Child MP3

Our bestselling, unique guide to healing and self-love on a level you may never have experienced.




Be one of the Warriors who finish what they start--complete the course and get a FREE hard-bound journal!

Ten Years of Karate

Can't give you the confidence you seek...unless somehow you learn the secrets you'll find in this course.   This is not ordinary "self defense". There are no physical techniques: physical technique is available on Youtube and every strip-mall McDojo. This is about the INNER clarity and courage that makes the technigues work...what the MASTERS see and feel.   We hope you have the time...and find the teachers you need to become whatever you wish. But if you don't have that time and energy, or wish to learn the INNER secrets of the arts, things most instructors never learn...we have something very special for you. 

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Key benefits from this course

1) Increased courage, clarity, and confidence

2) Environmental awareness

3) Tools to turn your fear and stress into power.

4) DOUBLE your odds of avoiding or surviving a street ten days!



"Eight minutes into the audio and I feel like St. Paul on the road to Damascus. Going to continue being quiet and sucking this up like a plant."--Edward Morris


"Steven Barnes’s Warrior’s Journey distills wisdom through centuries, across cultures, to teach you how to live your best life. I’m on my second trip through the course, and I haven’t absorbed it all yet. But it’s been an invaluable guide through the chaos of a pandemic and contentious election year.  Your life will be changed, and the course will call you back when it’s time to travel again."--Madeleine Dimond



"I am an award-winning artist, director of a non-profit, homeschooling mom, and an aspiring writer.  But after multiple sexual assaults, the death of my parents, and a painful divorce, I truly felt that I was finally and irreparably broken. All that I had achieved seemed invalidated. I was terrified of life, anxious, depressed, and felt incapable and undeserving of true healing. I didn’t think I could be whole or have a good life.    I want you to know that the teachings of Steven Barnes have been nothing short of life-saving. I had been through therapy, read self-help books, studied yoga, meditation, and tried other courses of study. What was so different about Steven Barnes and the Warrior’s Journey? In this course, Steven Barnes has taken the best of modern science, ancient wisdom, and personal narrative and weaved them into a seamless tapestry in a way that only one of the best science fiction writers in the world is capable of doing. Think of the best novel you ever read: can you remember how it moved you, opened you up to the possibilities of life and the universe? How it stirred you emotionally, made you think, and maybe even changed how you moved in the world? Now imagine that level of mastery in a storyteller, combined with the best teacher or life coach you ever had. Mix that with the spiritual guidance of a sage and the no-nonsense, bare-knuckles kickassery of a grandmaster martial arts instructor. What you’ve got is the Warrior’s Journey and there’s nothing in the world like it!  I am wowed by the efficacy of his teachings and I am infinitely grateful."--Tara Pearson

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Your life is created by your actions and emotions.   For the first time...a system to master both!

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